About Us

Founded by owners Bryan & Molly Copeland and Aaron & April Johnson, Wet Coast Brewing Co. believes that there is much more to operating a brewery than simply producing quality craft beer.  Wet Coast Brewing Co. wants their patrons to experience their beer, to celebrate life and to rejoice in all things wet.  Wet Coast will utilize a 3.5 barrel brewing system and provide a selection of northwest-inspired craft ales in an on-site tap room where patrons can enjoy the beers by the pint or as a flight.  Patrons can view the brewing process and purchase ales for consumption at home, via growlers and eventually bottles and cans. Wet Coast will also distribute kegs to restaurants, bars and tap rooms throughout the Pacific Northwest.

...but why Wet Coast?? 

...picture this...

The year is 1920, the United States has just enacted the Volstead Act, prohibiting the production and consumption of intoxicating liquors.  Bottles are being smashed, babies are crying and Americans everywhere are forced to be ‘dry’ and live a life without beer.  That is, everywhere but here.  From a rainy city on the west coast an uprising is about to happen.  Citizens of the Northwest are different from those back east, and they won’t stand for this.  They want to put their foot upon that brass rail, blow the foam off some suds and raise a pint to life on the Wet Coast!  

When the 18th Amendment was enacted many citizens of the United States became 'Overnight Felons' (Good name for a beer, right?). That is, people didn't want to give up there favorite ale so they defied the law. But soon enough they would find it hard to come about their drink of choice. Enter entrepreneurs of the Northwest like Roy Olmstead. Olmstead was actually a Lieutenant with the Seattle Police Department and felt that people deserved to wet their palate however they chose. He began smuggling alcohol from Canada and soon enough Washington wouldn't just be a rainy state out west, it would become the Wet Coast.

Who We Are

While we aren't quite the lawbreakers that Olmstead was, we carry the same entrepreneurial spirit, cleverness and passion for our craft that our predecessors did. We believe that there is a beer for everyone and we are on a mission to deliver that beer. Wet Coast Brewing Company won't be the largest brewery you've seen, we're fine with that. Before prohibition, America was serviced by thousands of local, small-batch, breweries dedicated to delivering the freshest, highest quality, beer possible. That is exactly what we're going to do, all while giving our patrons a beer experience we hope they never forget. Cheers!