All Aboard!

It's been said that a rising tide raises all ships, and we at Wet Coast believe we're joining the craft brewing business at exactly the right time!  Just like a beautiful wave crests before its big break, so does the current momentum in our brewing efforts. Right now we are filled with anticipation (and beer, of course) as we have recently solicited investments so that we can ride this wave into the next stage of business - brewing enough beer for you all to enjoy!  If getting in on the action during this integral phase and contributing towards the rise of Wet Coast Brewing sounds like an opportunity you'd like to know more about, we'd love to share a pint and our official plans with you.

And, yes, it has been all together too long since we last updated our blog.  But fear not, we've been keeping busy behind the scenes working on all aspects of this venture. We promise, you won't have to wait so long next time to get a little taste of the Wet Coast!


Team WCB