You've Been Put On Notice!

Or is it us that's on notice??, pretty sure that it's you... Either way, the point of the story is that this sign is in place, which means our Conditional Use Permit is in process!  

We definitely know a bit more about municipal code than we ever thought we would, but all-in-all the permitting process has gone fairly smooth thus far, and we can't wait to wrap it up in the coming months!  

Next up is our Federal TTB and State filing process, so we can be all legal and such when we craft that first batch of delicious Wet Coast wonder we've all been pining for! Oh how thirsty we are!

We're also a bit giddy this week because we just placed an order for our major brewing equipment!  Our soon-to-be Stainless baby will be manufactured just down Interstate 5 by Portland Kettle Works. How cool is that?!?! Here's a photo of it's "cousin", courtesy of Astoria's Bouy Beer Company.  

In other news...

Since we're dropping a few links in this post we should mention that our friends over at Blindtiger Design now have a blog where you can read about their perspective on craft beer branding and learn a bit more about their story.  You might even find a tip of the cap to good ol' Wet Coast Brewing in a blog explaining what the heck a blind tiger actually is

And finally...We just received our first bit of press via Gig Harbor Life (part of the Kitsap Sun). You can read the article about businesses coming to and expanding operations in Gig Harbor, namely WET COAST!  Oh, we should mention that if you start reading about "Wet Side" brewery, don't be confused, we're still WET COAST BREWING CO... Oh well, no worries, we're pretty confident that as soon as they taste that first pint, they'll never forget our name!  Here's the article. Business is Brewing in Downtown Gig Harbor

That's all for now, Cheers!

-Team Wet Coast